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An intelligent, money saving approach to real estate discovery as well as ongoing property repair and maintenance.


Your personalized HomeBook® is a complete, customized owner's manual, encompassing the eight major systems of the specific property. The introductory text includes an inspection process overview and includes: the inspection contract, time of inspection, the inspection professionals, weather conditions and an itemized list of charges. Finally, a perspective summary compares the property to its peers.

The core of your HomeBook is heavy-stock TAB SHEETS containing useful, general information. The tab sheets are followed by multicolored KEY SHEETS that key into the text immediately following them. The easy to understand color coded system categorizes problems into MAJOR PROBLEMS (red) and MINOR PROBLEMS (white). Major problems typically cost $500 or more to repair or are a considered to be a significant safety risk. Minor problems generally cost less than $500 and are not considered a significant safety risk.
Example "Structural" KEY SHEET & corresponding
RED & WHITE pages with detailed problem descriptions.

The RED and WHITE pages following each "KEY SHEEET" describe each problem, illustrate it (where appropriate), detail what needs to be repaired and how, and includes codes indicating the urgency of the problem For example "radon risk" indicates that the particular problem makes it more likely that the home is or could become contaminated by radon. The BLUE pages contain maintenance information and schedules and inspection limitations or warnings. To view an example of the Major Problems (RED) page and a Minor Problems (WHITE) page click a link below:

Finally, the "REFERENCE" section in your HomeBook lists products that are felt to be reliable problem solvers for specific situations, while warning against products that have questionable value or are not readily available.

The HomeBook is an intelligently organized tool to use when buying and selling and is an ongoing reference manual to help you make the right home maintenance and repair decisions in the future.



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